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Rotator cuff pain is often associated with pain or weakness in your shoulder making it very uncomfortable, or impossible, to do everyday activities such as combing your hair, tucking in your shirt or reaching above your head.

What causes rotator cuff pain?

Rotator cuff disorders are irritations in or damage to tendons around your shoulder—this includes inflammation of the tendons (tendonitis). Age-related degeneration slowly damages the rotator cuff too. Partial or complete tears to your rotator cuff tendon are more likely to happen when your rotator cuff is already weakened or damaged.

What are symptoms of rotator cuff pain?

Shoulder pain is the main symptom of rotator cuff pain. The pain usually starts gradually. You’ll experience pain in your shoulder and/or arm when you’re using those muscles. If the pain worsens or is continuous, you might have tendonitis that’s caused by one or more small tendon tears.

How is rotator cuff pain treated?

Some rotator cuff pain can be treated with time and minimal activity to the areas affected. Moderate or severe rotator cuff pain or pain that continues to worsen should be analyzed and diagnosed. The professionals at Spine and Sports Chiropractic in Lincoln treats rotator cuff pain on a case-by-case basis, then we provide specialized treatment for patients in order to get them on the mend in a hurry.

Did you know?

Your rotator cuff is made up of four tendons that fuse together to surround the shoulder joint. The two major causes of shoulder injuries are wear and tear and unusual accidental exposure to excessive force.

From everyday workers to competitive athletes, we’ve seen it all—and properly treated it all—when it comes to rotator cuff pain. Let us help shoulder the burden. Call us for an appointment and we’ll get you feeling as good as new.


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Shoulder, Arm & Hand Overview

» Rotator Cuff Injury & Shoulder Pain

The rotator cuff is a group of four shoulder muscles that collectively move your arm in all directions as well as stabilize the shoulder joint.

» Little League Elbow & Medial Epicondylitis

Medial Epicondylitis, often called Little League Elbow. This condition presents from overuse of the elbow and is not associated with a traumatic event. Medial Epicondylitis typically causes pain and numbness with increased activity relieved by rest, but can become constant as the condition worsens.

» Tennis Elbow & Lateral Epicondylitis

You don’t need to be a tennis player to experience the pain and discomfort that comes with tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is a condition where the outer part of your elbow becomes sore and tender.

» Median Nerve Entrapment & Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome is pain, numbness and/or tingling and other problems in your hand as a result of excessive pressure on the median nerve in your neck, armpit, forearm or wrist.

» Radial Nerve & Hand Pain

The Radial Nerve has six entrapment sites starting at the neck and moving down the arm. If the nerve is entrapped at one of these sites you will feel it in the back of the hand, thumb, and pointer finger.

» Ulnar Nerve & Pinky Finger Pain

The Ulnar Nerve has eight entrapment sites starting at the neck and then moving down the arm. Irritation of this nerve will give problems in the pinky finger and ring finger.

More than your typical chiropractic care. I have degenerative disc disease and they were/are able to relieve pain. The pain relief is short term, but more importantly it is long term. You don’t just get adjusted and sent on your way. They work on all the muscles around the problem area. I’ve been to many chiropractors over the years and this is by far the best/most relief I have ever gotten! Dr. Leon Hansmeier is one of the nicest guys in the world as well! Friendly staff! Thanks!
– Joel S.



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