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Client Testimonials

  • My shoulder was nearly frozen when a co-worker recommended A.R.T. Soft Tissue Therapy provided by doctors at Spine and Sports Chiropractic. I had already been through three rounds of cortisone shots, physical therapy and even shoulder surgery. I was having difficulty dressing myself and accomplishing other everyday tasks due to the pain and impaired movement in my shoulder. The A.R.T. therapy and exercise program established by Dr. Leon, has returned pain free, full-range of motion to my shoulder. I have recommended Sports and Spine Chiropractic to friends and family members having different types of problems and they are as satisfied as I am with the positive, caring, professional and appropriate therapy received. Spine and Sports Chiropractic has defiantly helped return the mobility in my shoulder to once again accomplish tasks that I had taken for granted to increase my quality of life.

    Renee L

  • After a month or so of neck pain without any improvement this spring, I went to Spine & Sports via a friend’s referral for a consult. I figured I’d be a “special case” to them, as I usually am with doctors — I have a fused spine from an operation for scoliosis almost 30 years ago, and so my upper back muscles have often caused me problems.

    In short, the experience I’ve had with Spine and Sports has been spectacular: From the moment I called, the staff was friendly and helpful. They greeted me by my first name when I came in and made me feel at ease, which I appreciated because I was pretty worried about my neck and a bit on edge. In subsequent visits, I’ve always felt that the staff is attentive, friendly, communicative and really on top of its game — which is increasingly important to me as I get older.

    This is a very well-run operation from front to back. It employs a treatment, among others, called A.R.T. — they’re one of the only groups in the area to offer this technique. Essentially, they lengthen and strengthen muscles and employ a number of other advanced chiropractic techniques to ensure long-term health. I see Dr. Leon Hansmeier, who has been superb both in his expertise and in communicating the cause and the solution to my pain. I’ve seen him probably a half-dozen times, and have felt better and better and stronger and stronger each time. Each treatment has taken roughly a half-hour to 45 minutes and hasn’t been anything I can’t handle — even so, Dr. Leon is very conscientious about how I’m doing and feeling during each phase of treatment.

    The thing that I’ve been programmed to think, over the years, is that my “special” spine should severely limit me from doing the things I really want to do and to lead an active lifestyle. I’ve been sort of conditioned to shy away from some activities. Dr. Leon, after diagnosing my neck pain issue and launching my treatment, emphasized that the goal was to get me back to doing what I wanted to be doing — in my case, riding my bike regularly. He speaks of the importance of healing smart, of course, and to be vigilant with prescribed exercises and rehabilitation that will help maintain strength in the areas of my neck and upper back that had fallen into difficulty. But I have to say, it’s one of the first times since my surgery nearly three decades ago that I’ve been encouraged, not admonished. I can’t tell you how important that has been to me.

    My experience at Spine and Sports has been nothing short of excellent. I’d recommend them to anyone. I went in looking for some pain relief, and I left with a new attitude and outlook on leading an active lifestyle. That’s priceless.

    Steve S

  • When I became Dr. Shunkwiler’s patient 5 years ago I had no idea that his knowledge & skill would result in such profound health benefits to me. Because of his expertise and integrity I have recommended his care to many friends and family over the years and it has been a pleasure to see the quality of life enhanced in them as well.
    Thank you, Dr. Shunkwiler. Your care has been a gift to me and to our community.

    With Gratitude,
    MaryAnn F

  • After months of searching for a solution for my extreme headaches, including going to the emergency room, a weekend stay in the hospital, seeing a neurologist, physical therapist, acupuncturist, and migraine specialist, I found Spine and Sports Chiropractic. I was diagnosed immediately and found relief after three visits. ART took away the pain and Dr. Shunkwiler taught me to watch for warning signs of pending headaches. Spine and Sports has allowed me to return to a normal high school life that includes sports and a time with friends.

    Kenna Bancroft – High School Sophomore

  • When I finally went to Dr Adam, I had been through over a year of pain in my lower leg. Originally I was referred to a local sports medicine doctor, stated I needed surgery which I followed through with. As I was able to begin running again, the pain was still there. I returned to the same sports medicine doctor and he replied that it was shin splints and explained some people were not meant to run. I about gave up at that point. As a last resort I went to a running clinic where I met Dr Adam and I shared what had happened and he explained his work and the next day I made an appointment.
    Over a period of time the pain I had been having went away, gone. It had been a very long time since I had been able to run pain free and it was such an amazing feeling to not have that pain anymore. Dr. Adam taught me exercises to continue in order for the pain not to return. He is the only one I now trust to help me with any pain issues that arise and refer others to him as well. Thanks Dr Adam!!!

    Sarah B

  • Dr.Kyle Shunkwiler is great. I had tendonitis in my elbow and nothing helped…until I saw Kyle and he has helped me so much. I am back to my regular workouts. He also helped with my shoulder and neck problems. Give ART a try – it is great!

    Ann M

  • We think Dr. Andrew Butzke is awesome! We would like to thank him for all of his expertise and tell him we are incredibly pleased.

    Shane K

  • I’ve had an excellent experience at Lincoln Spine & Sports Chiropratic. When I first started there I couldn’t walk across the street without my calves in excruciating pain. Dr Leon has performed A.R.T. on my calves 4 times now and I feel great! My pain went from 10+ to maybe 1 or 2 occasionally. I highly recommend them for A.R.T.!!!

    Cindy M

  • The staff members at Spine and Sport are out of this world, they are more than willing to help, answer any questions and most importantly want to get you to a pain free life. Dr. Adam and the rest of the staff take the time to listen to their patients, all the way from the time you check in to the time that your appointment is over, and even gives them exercises that you can do to relieve the pain between appointments. They want to not only give you pain relief, but also fix the problem that you are having so you can you can get on with your active life. The active release technique that the doctors use is ahead of the curve in modern medicine. If you are looking for great doctors, friendly staff and better overall health, Spine and Sport is your best bet! I have been a patient of Spine and Sport for over a year, and will not go anywhere else.

Benjamin L

  • I’ve been visiting Dr. Hansmeier for a few weeks now due to a neck injury I got in a rear-end collision (I was the one who got hit). Within about 24 hours of the accident I was showing signs of whiplash (headaches while playing my saxophone were the biggest issue since that’s how I make my living). He was very careful the first few visits to not overwork the areas that were injured and he took a lot of time to explain everything that he was doing and WHY he was doing it. It has only been a month since the accident, but I am now almost completely pain-free when I play my saxophone and everything is almost completely back to normal. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Spine & Sports to anyone experiencing pain in any part of their body. Whether it’s pain you’ve had for a while or something like my situation, these guys will get you on the road to recovery fast. Add to all of that, the staff is AWESOME!! They remembered my name from the first time I stepped through the door and always have a smile on their face!

    Wade H

  • Dr. Leon Hansmeier is FANTASTIC! I first visited Dr Hansmeier for an old neck injury. He was the first Chiropractor who did A.R.T. treatment on me. The results were AMAZING. No more headaches! Since my results were so good, I took my 5 year old to Dr. Hansmeier. She hasn’t slept all night for months. Dr. Hansmeier did an adjustment on her back, but made it fun. She didn’t even know he was adjusting her. Now, we are able to sleep all night. PRICELESS! I would highly recommend seeing Dr Hansmeier. He is caring, kind and is one of the few Chiropractors in the state of Nebraska that offers A.R.T. (Active Release Techniques).

    Google Review

  • A.R.T. is simply amazing. Dr Kyle Shunkwiler has been an answer to my prayers. I have had hundreds of visits to many other chiropractors over the past 40 years, but I kept looking for something different, to relieve my back and neck pain. My search is over. I feel better than I have in many, many years. To say “thank you” doesn’t seem adequate. I am so very grateful. I highly recommend Spine and Sports Chiropractic. Wonderful people here who truly care. Give one of the doctors here a try, give them a chance. You won’t be disappointed! I also want to give a shout out to Amy who gave me some excellent advice the other day, until I could get in, on what I could do for my sinus headache. Thank you much! Every single one of you there ROCK!!

    Lisa B


  • What can I say about Spine and Sports Chiropractic? They are caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, accommodating, and friendly. I have been a patient of theirs on and off for several years and have recommended them to family and friends. Over the years they have treated me for various things-from back pain to headaches, to hand tremors with acupuncture. The most recent was a very painful foot injury. Dr Hansmeier was so patient and gentle with getting me back to full function. They do such a great job in explaining the type of injury you have, what it’s going to take in treating the injury and then your responsibility in the course of the treatments. The patient teaching they do is so very helpful-explaining why the certain exercises are important and how they will help. Spine and Sports is the best!

    Deb S


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