Hip Flexor Muscles

What Causes a Hip Flexor Strain?

Sitting (as many of us do for work) predisposes us to straining this muscle due to the frequent shortened length. Overuse of this muscle through exercise or other activities is also a common cause.

What are Symptoms of a Hip Flexor Strain?

Pain in the front of the hip or deep in the abdomen are the most common symptoms. The pain worsens when sitting, going upstairs or lifting a leg up in the air while standing.

How do you treat a Hip Flexor Strain?

Returning the hip flexor muscles to it’s normal length and addressing any damaged (strained) portion of the muscle will relieve the pain. A consultation and biomechanical exam will usually be quick to reveal what caused the strain in the first place.

Did you know?

Most abdominal exercises (crunches included) work the hip flexor and can actually be part of the problem! The hip flexor runs up the entire lower back (on the front side of the spine, on the inside of the abdomen.