Femoral Nerve Entrapment

What are Symptoms of Femoral Nerve Entrapment?

Pain in the front of the hip running down the front of the leg and into the knee as well as weakness and giving out of the leg are the most common symptoms. Femoral Nerve Entrapment can also cause burning, tingling and numbness on the front of the leg.

What causes Femoral Nerve Entrapment?

Compression of the Femoral Nerve at certain muscles and tunnels usually are the cause of the Femoral Nerve Entrapment. A lot of time spent sitting, running, or biking are common causes as well.

How do you treat Femoral Nerve Entrapment?

Using A.R.T. we are able to stretch muscles that may be irritating the Femoral Nerve and make sure that the tissues around it can move independently.

Did you know?

The Femoral Nerve supplies the muscles in the front of your leg. If you notice weakness or change in these muscles, you may be having problems with this nerve.