Round Ligament

Round Ligament pain (pain at the base of the abdomen and groin): This is a ligament that is used to help support the baby and as the baby develops more stress on this ligament can cause intense discomfort.

Self-check: It may be painful to roll over in bed, sit or stand for longer periods of time, stand up from sitting, lie on your side, or get out of a vehicle.

What causes Round Ligament?

Pregnancy often brings about pain due to physical changes and excessive extension and load placed on the joints in the low back. The round ligaments attache the uterus to the soft tissues in the groin. These ligaments must elongate as the uterus changes in size and can become painful from excessive stretching.

What are Symptoms of Round Ligament?

Difficulty with transitional movements such as rolling over in bed, standing up from sitting, getting out of a vehicle, lying on your side, sitting or stand for longer periods of time can create pain or tightness in the groin or around the pubic bone.

How do you treat Round Ligament?

Round ligament pain is addressed with light pressure and stretching to the ligament to decrease the tension locally as well as gentle adjustments of the pelvis and lower back as needed.

Did you know?

Back pain is extremely common during and after pregnancy is often due to mechanical stress as your body undergoes changes and responds very well to chiropractic care.