• Round Ligament pain (pain at the base of the abdomen and groin): This is a
    ligament that is used to help support the baby and as the baby develops more stress on this ligament can cause intense discomfort. LEARN MORE>>

  • Pain in the front of the hip running down the front of the leg and into the knee as well as weakness and giving out of the leg are the most common symptoms. LEARN MORE>>

  • Pregnancy Sacroiliac Joint Pain is extremely common and most of the time described as a dull pain around the dimple area of the lower back/upper buttock. Standing, walking, going down stairs, rolling over in bed and getting up from a seated position will be very painful activities while sitting and putting the feet up will be positions that will bring great relief. LEARN MORE>>

  • Women are more likely to develop sciatica during pregnancy because of pressure on the sciatic nerve. Sciatica is different from traditional back pain because of the way pain radiates down the leg and into the foot. LEARN MORE>>