• The Iliotibial band (ITB) is the longest tendon in the body running from the bony bump on the outside of your hip down to the outside of the knee. It often tightens up to compensate for weak muscles elsewhere which leads to problems. LEARN MORE>>

  • This common type of tendonitis can effect either the front or the back of your lower leg. Pain will usually increase with activity and decrease with rest, however in more advanced cases it can last even into the next day and result in pain with walking. The pain felt is usually very sharp, but may be dull after activity. LEARN MORE>>

  • It can creep up over time or with a quick tear of the muscle fibers. Your calf muscles are incredibly important in any athletics, walking and standing posture. LEARN MORE>>

  • Sprains are generally associated with a traumatic event involving the ankle rolling in or out too much. There are three grades of sprains from mild (tenderness and limping) to severe (bruising, swelling, inability to bear weight). LEARN MORE>>

  • Plantar Fasciitis will generally affect the heel or arch of the foot. It’s commonly a sharp pain with initial activity but will get slightly better as activity continues. LEARN MORE>>