• Back pain comes in many forms. From lower back pain, middle back pain or upper back pain, there’s only one thing you’re thinking about—getting relief. Spine and Sports Chiropractic’s staff of experts will help alleviate and treat all types of chronic back pain. LEARN MORE>>

  • Intense, sharp, stabbing pain is noticed especially with deep or quick breathing. A small local area in the mid back on one side is suggestive of rib pain. LEARN MORE>>

  • Pain between the shoulder blade and spine is common place and has many reasons. One of the more common reasons that we find with an exam is a Dorsal Scapular Nerve Entrapment. LEARN MORE>>

  • Sacroiliac Joint Pain is described as a dull pain around the dimple area of the lower back/upper buttock almost 100% of the time. That pain will increase in intensity when the person arches backwards or lies on their belly. LEARN MORE>>

  • If it is painful to bend forward and you are having sharp pain, then you likely have an injured disc. Symptoms that indicate disc injury include: pain being worst in the morning, riding in a car is painful, standing. LEARN MORE>>

  • Pain in the front of the hip or deep in the abdomen are the most common symptoms. The pain worsens when sitting, going upstairs or lifting a leg up in the air while standing. LEARN MORE>>

  • This condition arises with prolonged sitting and desk work often associated with office ergonomics. Poor posture and repetitive activities can lead to tightness, weakness, and pain in the muscles of the shoulder, back, neck, arms and hands. LEARN MORE>>