• Common symptoms of headaches are pain and pressure felt from the inside of your head. Migraine symptoms include throbbing pain typically occurring on one side near the temples, forehead and eyes. LEARN MORE>>

  • Whiplash, while commonly associated with auto accidents, can happen with a slip, fall, or any sudden, unexpected force on the neck. Muscles are always involved as this is primarily soft tissue injury and often includes damage to ligaments and joints. LEARN MORE>>

  • This condition involves pain in or around the joint that allows you to open and close your mouth. Signs and symptoms include abnormal jaw movement, pain, clicking/snapping felt or heard with jaw movement, tightness or inability to move the jaw. It can also cause chewing difficulties. LEARN MORE>>

  • You might feel a knot, stiffness or severe pain in your neck. This pain can spread to your shoulders, upper back or arms. You may also not be able to move your head or neck without discomfort. LEARN MORE>>