What Makes Us Different

Our Clinic is a diagnostic and treatment center that specializes in musculoskeletal (muscle and joint) injuries and human performance. Our clinical goals go beyond pain relief. We work with patients to re-establish proper muscle function, restore proper joint mechanics, and return patients to their daily activities while minimizing the risks of recurring injuries and doctor visits.

We offer innovative soft-tissue treatments for lengthening and strengthening muscles, research-based rehabilitation protocols and advanced chiropractic manipulative techniques all under one roof. Current medical research has proven that an integrated health care approach involving muscle and joint manipulation, rehabilitation, and therapeutic exercises offer patients the most effective and longest-lasting results.

Our mission is to improve the world’s view on health care one patient at a time; our greatest reward is returning patients to their active lifestyles in the shortest timeframe possible. The doctors at Spine & Sports travel the country to study with the medical community’s leading minds to ensure our patients have access to progressive, evidence-based health care.

Each patient is unique, as is their condition, requiring equally distinctive treatment programs. While adjusting is important, it’s only one tool in a bag of many health care tools. Some patients need adjusting, others benefit from soft tissue manipulation, many require rehabilitation exercises, but the majority of our patients require a combination of all three.